43p-140 install issues

Mike Martin sydneymartin at gmail.com
Fri Jan 7 16:10:49 EST 2005

Another update, More success

> An update (Sucess!!!):
> After jogging some people's memory I found out that this machine has a
> PCI token ring card (which I wasn't using) because the on-board
> ethernet went flaky. This certainly helps explain my intermitent
> network, and quite possibly the short up-times before crashing. As we
> guessed - a hardware problem.
> Is there any way (jumper ?) to disable the onboard ethernet? I may try
> not loading the modules for it and see if the machine becomes stable.
> Would a standard PCI ethernet card work as a substitute (likely won't
> netboot)?

I checked the machine's docs - there appears to be no jumper to
disable the onboard ethernet. However, If I simply unplug the ethernet
cable the instability seems to diappear. The machine just did a
flawless install booting from Leigh's disk, Woody root on a floppy and
base on cd-rom.

I have a PCI ethernet card left over from an old PentiumPro. It says
it is a 3Com "Fast EtherLink XL PCI" "3C905-TX". Would this card work
in this machine? Would it be able to netboot (doubtfull).


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