43p-140 install issues

Mike Martin sydneymartin at gmail.com
Tue Jan 4 01:43:14 EST 2005

> > > An IBM 7043. It's a 43p-140 labeled as a 604e 332 Mhz.
> I suppose you meen 233 Mhz ?

I know 332 MHz doesn't sound right ... but I'm sure that's what it
says on the IBM nameplate on the front. I'll verify this tonight

> More different than that, 140 is more recent.

Have you got specs and stuff on the -140 you could link to? Maybe this
would help.

> But works fine with Debian woody.(sorry Sven...)
> If there is such a deadline, why not consider to install first a woody (many
> successes exist) then upgrading to sarge after ?

This is my preference. I'd like to install woody on one drive so I can
boot it up and say "Look Linux runs, it's stable and useful" and then
have the other to install, boot, and otherwise help test the new

Unfortunately, I can't get _anything_ to install (I even tried a BSD,
but quickly realized I was in too deep there!). The unstable stuff I'm
trying now has gotten me the furthest along.


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