[PATCH] Non-DMA mode for floppy on PowerPC

Pavel Fedin sonic_amiga at rambler.ru
Tue Feb 22 08:49:44 EST 2005

 Nobody answered, repost again.

 This patch allows to use floppy drive in non-DMA mode on PegasosPPC machines. To use it:
 1. Do not build floppy driver as a module, link it statically. Transferring parameters to it from insmod is still problematic, at least it doesn't work properly on my system. May be i'll clean it up in future.
 2. Specify floppy=nodma in kernel's arguments. Also you'll need to specify your drive type here using floppy=<Drive number>,<Drive type>,cmos. For example, floppy=0,4,cmos specifies type 4 (1.44 mb 3.5") for drive 0 on my system.
 This patch does not affect operation of the driver in DMA mode so it's safe to use on any platform.
 The patch is written for kernel version 2.6.8. Please merge it with -p0 argument, i already know it's wrong and will be more correct in the future.

Best regards,
Pavel Fedin,									mailto:sonic_amiga at rambler.ru

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