[PATCH] remove .tmp_gas_check

Olaf Hering olh at suse.de
Mon Feb 7 07:08:02 EST 2005

 On Sun, Feb 06, Tom Rini wrote:

> Right.  But we only care about that if we're going to compile anything,
> so perhaps we need to change the test somehow to only get evaluated when
> needed (ala the -mcpu stuff?  Or is that always run as well?).

I dont want to see that file because its just a tmpfile.
mkdir $foo
make ARCH=ppc tags &
make ARCH=ppc O=$foo -j menuconfig 
make ARCH=ppc O=$foo -j all

Its just in the way when doing diffs. and make clean may remove the tags
file. But its just silly to expect 'make tags; make clean' to get rid of it.

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