2.6.10-rc3 8xx (MPC 880) i2c driver - "about to sleep"

Alex pevnev at juno.com
Wed Feb 2 23:38:40 EST 2005


Sorry for bothering you  again - I will appreciate your opinion/advise/guidance !

What is your interpretation of entries I found in the log buf with regards to I2C driver ? 
<6>i2c /dev entries driver.
<7>device class 'i2c-dev': registering.
<7>bus i2c:add driver dev_driver.
<7>i2c-core: driver dev_driver registered
<6>i2c-rpx: i2c MPC8xx driver.
<7>DEV: registering device: ID ='i2c-0'.
<7>CLASS: registering class device: ID= 'i2c-0'.
<7>i2c_adapter i2c-0:Registered as minor 0.
<7>CLASS:registering class device: ID = 'i2c-0'
<7>i2c_adapter i2c-0: registered as adapter #0.
<4>cpm_iic_init() - iip=fa203c80.
<4>cpm_iic_init[132] Install ISR for IRQ 16.
<6>CPM interrupt c0105d90 replacing c01f7a8c.
<3>request_irq() returned -22  for CPM vector 32.
<6> i2c-algo-8xx.o: scanning bus m8xx........
<4>iip fa203c80, dp_addr 0x800.
<4>iic_tbase 2048, r_tbase 2048
<4>about to sleep

The board is equipped with M24Cxx-x Serial I2C bus EEPROM 
- does above means that the EEPROM device was not detected on the I2C bus ?
Do I need to supply in the code the addresses to be scanned ?


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