Marvell MV6436xx ethernet driver patch

Andrew Morton akpm at
Wed Aug 31 10:59:34 EST 2005

Nicolas DET <nd at> wrote:
> You can find enclosed a patch for the Marvell MV643xx ethernet driver.
>  It's also there:
> (tarball)
>  The diff is against the kernel 2.6.13 (
>  The main changes (AFAIR):
>  * Workaround for the TCP/UDP hw checksum
>  * Use hardware for statistics
>  * Define and use SRAM (for pegasos II archp/ppc/chrp_pegasos_eth.c)
>  * Able to use max burst size from/to DDR (serious transfer boost)
>  * Option can be selected through the menu (drivers/net/Kconfig)
>  * ...
>  some testing...
>  By the way, I noticed that page_address() sometimes returns NULL when using
>  highmem (with a lot of mem).
>  You are welcome to review this patch. Some parts (especially the TX bug
>  workaroud) will be appreciated IMO.

- Does strange things to drivers/net/Kconfig, like removing the SKGE entry(?)

- Generates rather a lot of rejects agains post-2.6.13 changes.  You'll
  need to rediff this against current Linus tree or, preferably, against
  the next -mm kernel, please.

- Please cc netdev at next time.

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