linuxppc cross compiler

Grant Likely glikely at
Fri Aug 19 01:31:02 EST 2005

On Thu, Aug 18, 2005 at 06:55:54AM -0000, somshekar chandrashekar kadam wrote:
>  HI ,
> need to set the cross compiler for Linux 2.6 PPC from scratch on X86 host  , is there any howto or anyother document , i saw only denx eldk supporting it . wanted to build entire cross compiler from scratch , please direct me to any good link if it is there , tried to open the link given on Embedded PowerPC linux howto , that page doesnt exist anymore ,please suggest guys which one is better  

I second te recommendation for crosstool.  You COULD unpack and build
binutils/gcc/glibc step by step, but you really don't want to unless you
enjoy beating you head against the wall.

Also, subscribe to the crossgcc mailing list:


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