Rune Torgersen runet at
Fri Aug 12 01:13:23 EST 2005


I have found that I need to set CLOCK_TICK_RATE (currently defined in
include/asm-ppc/timex.h) to something else.
Right now it is set to the PC timer clock value (1193180Hz). I need to
set it to the frequency of my decrementer instead (busfreq/4)

Right now the value of theis define means the wall-clock time on ALL ppc
(and ppc64) systems that does not use the old I386 timer freqyuencly
(most all?) are using the wrong values.

How can I change this to be platform dependant? 
The other problem is that it has to be hardcoded on compile time, but
I'm not going to worry to much about that.

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