RFC: proposed arch/powerpc directory structure

Dan Malek dan at embeddededge.com
Thu Aug 11 03:01:34 EST 2005

On Aug 10, 2005, at 12:45 PM, Becky Bruce wrote:

> ....  Listed below are the proposed directories, along with a 
> description of the logical contents, as well as a description of which 
> existing files will be moved into these directories.

I think this is fine, but I'd like to make a suggestion about the file 
names themselves.
Since we have platform directories for a specific processor type or 
core, can we
change the file names a little?  For example, if I'm in the 
platforms/82xx directory,
I don't need to prepend every file with mpc82xx_ or ppc82xx- or 
whatever.  We
know that's what it is, let's try to use the file names to be more 
descriptive of what's
inside of them.  Regardless of the build or management tools we use, I 
still find it
nice to keep a concise file name that is still descriptive, and take 
advantage of
the directory structure names to assist with this.


	-- Dan

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