Merging ppc32 and ppc64

Segher Boessenkool segher at
Tue Aug 9 23:09:02 EST 2005

>> I don't see the merge as changing the actual code that gets executed
>> on any given platform very much, except in one respect: we are going
>> to standardize on a flattened device tree as the way that information
>> about the platform gets passed from the boot loader to the kernel.
>> Comments? Flames? :)
> There are several userspace applications that parse the non-flat 
> device tree in /proc/device-tree on pSeries.  While I like the idea of 
> the flattened device tree I think we need to consider how many apps we 
> are going to break with it.

_Please_ don't throw the real device tree away; I'm happy with
the flattened device tree if and only if it is a _minimum_
requirement, and having a _real_ device tree (or even real
Open Firmware support) is still an option.


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