endianness of Linux kernel RAID

Gregory Seidman gsslist+linuxppc at anthropohedron.net
Tue Aug 2 03:42:39 EST 2005

It turns out that if one uses the kernel (2.4.x-2.6.x) RAID support (RAID5,
anyway, since that's all I've tested), the RAID'd disks cannot be moved to
another system with a different endianness. I don't know how hard that
would be to fix, but it did mean that when my ancient Mac clone I was using
as a server died I couldn't bring the RAID over to my spare x86 Linux box;
I had to dedicate other hardware (my dual G4 that I had been happily using
with OS X) to the task instead.

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten into kernel development and, therefore, do
not have the necessary expertise to fix it. Is anyone here interested in
this issue?


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