[PATCH] make gcc -O1 in fs/reiserfs optional

Jeff Mahoney jeffm at suse.de
Wed Apr 27 07:46:00 EST 2005

Olaf Hering wrote:
> Jeff,
> you added this EXTRA_CFLAGS= during 2.4 development, I think the broken
> compiler was gcc 3.2 on SLES8. Can we turn this -O1 into a .config
> option?

Hi Olaf -

Yeah, the initial problem was that the anti aliasing[*] code when -O2
was enabled was being way too cautious and ended up allocating something
like 6k on the stack in do_balance(). It was observable elsewhere, but
not so problematic.

My ppc box isn't booting right now. If you've verified that newer
versions of the compiler don't blow the stack in do_balance(), I'm not
opposed to it.


[*]: I think that's the right term - I'm not a compiler developer :)

Jeff Mahoney
SuSE Labs

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