Status report for 2.6.12-rc2

Wolfram Quester wolfi at
Sun Apr 17 19:18:52 EST 2005


I use debian on my Powerbook6,2 and recently upgraded from kernel 2.6.10
with the patch Guido Günther provides at [1] to 2.6.12-rc2 with ben's
tumbler/snapper patches applied.
So far I've seen the following issues:
1. I tried the new nvidiafb - just because I'm curious and the help says 
   "This driver supports graphics boards with the nVidia chips, TNT and
   newer. For very old chipsets, such as the RIVA128, then use the
   The kernel crashed during boot when it tried to switch to nvidiafb. I
   could see the messages that appeared before this stage until I
   switched the computer off. Booting with video=ofonly went well and
   using the traditional rivafb works fine.
   This situation reminds me to crashes I had sometime ago when I was
   testing Guido's patches for rivafb when he tried to get proper
   support for NV30 into rivafb.
2. Sometimes the machine crashes on suspend to disk. It only happens when I work
   in X and it seems to freeze in the process of switching to a virtual
   terminal. The screen shows a distorted image of the previous screen
   (as if I had 8Bit colour depth with oversized pixels).
   I never had such freezes with 2.6.10 and this is the issue which
   annoys me most ATM. I don't have a way to clearly reproduce the
   freeze. It happend in two out of perhaps 20 suspends. It only seems
   to happen on the first suspend after boot.
   The suspend itself is much much faster than with 2.6.10 however.
3. I configured sound to use snd-powermac. Before I used
   dmasound-{pmac,core} and it works mostly. After a
   suspend-resume-cycle I have to kill xfce4-panel, which accesses
   /dev/mixer0, rmmod snd-powermac, wait a second and reinsert the
4. Something that is quite annoying but harmless is that after wakeup
   the machine sometimes suspends again immediately. I had something
   like this before. On resume the PMU seems to be some kind of
   irritated and gives wrong information about remaining runtime.
   If this remaining time is 0 pbbuttonsd suspends the machine again.




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