Sound drivers for newer machines: need help

Eddy Petrisor eddy.petrisor at
Thu Apr 14 08:09:17 EST 2005

Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> Hi !
> If you have a newer machine, that is a machine released on or after
> 2002, can you please send me the output of:
> echo `cat /proc/device-tree/model`


> and
> for i in `find /proc/device-tree -name layout-id -print`; do echo $i && hexdump -n4 $i; done


> If the later returns nothing, it's fine, just tell me.
> I'm especially interested in the various models of G5 based machines. It
> seems apple is having all sorts of very different sound HW setups on
> those machines, and I'm trying to figure out exactly what is where based
> on those infos and the darwin sources.
> Ben.
I am not sure if my Powerbook was released after 2002, but the date(the 
copyright stuff) on the back is 2003.

I had a favourite quote, but I forgot it. And it was insightful.

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