pte_update and 64-bit PTEs on PPC32?

Kumar Gala kumar.gala at
Wed Apr 6 16:51:08 EST 2005


I've tracked down a bug I've been having to the fact that pte_update 
assumes a pte is a unsigned long.  I need to look into what the exact 
implications this has.  I was wondering what the thoughts were with 
respect to how this is suppose to work properly on 440 with its 64-bit 
pte?  I'm looking at a 64-bit pte for some Freescale book-e parts as we 
move to 36-bit physical address support.

The problem I found was ptep_get_and_clear() would return back only a 
32-bit value and thus we loose any information in the upper 32-bits.  I 
found the call in sys_mprotect ... -> change_pte_range -> 

Will provide some update on this tomorrow.

- kumar

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