Perfmon feature

Andy Fleming afleming at
Wed Apr 6 02:21:52 EST 2005

I'm adding oprofile support for 7450 (and derivative) processors, and 
I'm considering adding a couple PPC_FEATURE bits (one for classic, and 
one for fsl-book-e perfmon).

1) The need to distinguish between Freescale Book-E processors with 
performance monitor support, Classic PPC processors with perfmon 
support, and processors without perfmon support.  (ie - 7450 parts will 
have support, but 7410 parts will not for now).

2) Applications could determine if these features were present, and 
decide between using mfspr and mfpmr instructions to read the counters 
from user-space.

Thoughts, objections?

Andy Fleming
Open Source Team
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc

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