ASM formatting rules?

Paul Mackerras paulus at
Mon Apr 4 16:33:07 EST 2005

Kumar Gala writes:

> Great, if my counting is correct (which may not be, since I grow up in 
> Florida)
> 2 - for no space (Paul, BenH)
> 2 - for spaces (Tom, Dan)
> 2 - dont cares (Kumar, Matt)
> Well, does Paul have authoritative rule here as ppc maintainer? :)

I would take a similar attitude to Linus and say that if there is
someone who has taken on the role of maintaining a file or subsystem,
they get a fair bit of latitude in saying what the style should be
there.  So if Dan and Tom want to do "insn<TAB>op, op, op" in
head_8xx.S, I'm not going to go in and remove all the excess spaces.

However, apart from that - i.e. for code that is used on all PPC
platforms, or if people are asking what the style should be - then the
style is no spaces between the operands.


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