iBook G3 owners

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Mon Apr 4 16:06:23 EST 2005

Hi !

There have been various reports of issues with sleep among others on
iBook G3 equiped with the 750FX processor. Also, the cpufreq code on
these so far didn't change the CPU voltage, which limited the actual
power saving at low frequency.

I have uploaded various patches that should help fix these issues. Those
patches are all against current linus bk and they should be all applied
in the order below.

I would really appreciate some tests as I don't have access to any of
these machines. I need to know if cpufreq works reliably with those
patches and if the new voltage control makes any differnece on battery
life (check power consumption in /proc/pmu/battery_*/current when
running on battery) and I need to know if the patches are improving
reliability of sleep/wakeup.

The 4 patches can be found at these URLs. If you had earlier versions of
some of these, those patches replace them:


Please, let me know asap,


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