New mailing list specifically for embedded PowerPC

Sam Song samlinuxppc at
Sat Sep 25 12:57:11 EST 2004


So glad to see some VIPs talking about maillist NEW or
OLD. IMHO, time-saving, convenience and message
security come first. 

Digest mode isn't good for heavy traffic maillist.
Heavy mostly means important and urgent. Digest mode
will delay message commucation. This is a big 
problem, especially for kernel development. In
addition, it would kill a folk more time to write a
reply. This would make some VIPs unwilling to reply or
write less to save time. Some poor souls, like me,
would suffer from this mode. This situation would be
worse for separate maillist all in digest mode. I
noticed Piotr Perak switched his thread from embedded
to dev for not getting timely reply. Both VIPs and
poor souls suffer from unconvenience and waste time.
Not to mention digest mode isn't good for interesting
message backup. I don't personally against separate
maillist if separate maillist were all in email way.
But if dev and embedded list all in digest mode, I
would say this is really not a good idea. So if
technical problem to implement email way for ppc list,
pls one list in degist mode. If not, pls back to email
way in several lists as before.

Another maillist issue is message backup security. For
the older maillist maintaining experience, half a
month no message at all(8.29-9.14) and archives become
a concern for most folks. This is really deviant. To
avoid such a result late, I suggest to find another
public home for message backup or temporary official
site, like lkml did. One example was build as follows:

Feeling? Interface is lovely :-)

If this could an accept way, I would let the founder
giving up the group for us to a repository.

Hope all my concern be redundant at all. 

Best regards,


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