MPC8260 SCC2 UART hang

Jeff Angielski jeff at
Fri Sep 24 23:55:25 EST 2004

I am having a problem with the SCC2 uart whereby the system hangs
whenever I try to use that device.  It happens using both the Denx
kernel and the 2.4.27 kernel.

I was hoping that somebody can tell me if SCC2 works as expected on
their MPC8260 hardware so that I can reduce the scope of my debug

Here is the relevant info from the 2.4.27 kenel:

CPM UART driver version 0.01
ttyS0 on SMC1 at 0x0000, BRG1
ttyS1 on SMC2 at 0x0040, BRG2
ttyS2 on SCC1 at 0x8000, BRG3
ttyS3 on SCC2 at 0x8100, BRG4

Here is the simple test that causes the problem.  Once I try to access
/dev/tts/3 the system hangs.

bash-2.05b# echo "something" > /dev/tts/0
bash-2.05b# echo "something" > /dev/tts/1
bash-2.05b# echo "something" > /dev/tts/2
bash-2.05b# echo "something" > /dev/tts/3
[system is dead, no console, cannot ping, no nothing...]

FWIW, my hardware is the Embedded Planet EP8260 H2 1.3.

Jeff Angielski
The PTR Group

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