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> from list discussions some time back, i already gave up on the idea of 
> the configuration being able to detect the exact processor and taking 
> that into account.  we've already established that, and i'm happy with 
> that.


> all i'm suggesting now is a drop down choice menu of known patches 
> relevant to that architecture, that's all.  in some cases, there would 
> be two choices, as in:
>  	[ ] I2C/SPI for 850
>   	[ ] I2C/SPI for 8xx (non-850)

Plus there is also the case of "need to relocate parameter RAM  on  a
MPC852/859/866/...  processor".  In  this  case  no microcode patch i
sneeded, and the current code will crash the system.

More cases may be necessary.

> i can't imagine that this list would get overly long.  from what i can 
> see, the denx tree supports the following list of patches:

Please forget this. I asked you several times NOT  to  use  this  old
code  for  reference.  It  is  known to be broken in several configu-

> and, unless i'm reading this badly, that's the entire list.  all of 

No, it's  not.  It  will  not  work  on  most  of  the  newer  MPC8xx

> so ... why is this such an objectionable thing?

Because it is (1) incomplete and (2) broken.

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