Linux 2.6.x on 8xx status

Pantelis Antoniou panto at
Tue Sep 21 21:53:44 EST 2004

Smith, Craig wrote:

>>Guess what? It WORKED!!! Just one more line make it.
>>Could you pls tell us the theory in it if not too
>>complicated? :-)
>Genius. That patch appears to work for me as well.
>However, I'm still not able to debug via gdb/BDI2000.
>I'm getting the ol' "MMU: address translation for 0xc----- failed".
>I'm using the same BDI config file that works fine for debugging
>a 2.4.26 kernel on the same hardware, I've verified that I have
>CONFIG_BDI_SWITCH=y etc. Is this another known issue with 2.6
>on 8xx platforms? Has anyone had success debugging via BDI2000 on an 8xx
>If so, could you share your config file or hints as to why it should behave
>differently (i.e. not work) with a 2.6 kernel? Thanks.
BDI2000 does not work for 8xx 2.6 ATM.

Dan should probably get it to work when he has time.
At least that's what I hope...



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