Linux 2.6.x on 8xx status

Pantelis Antoniou panto at
Tue Sep 21 20:41:50 EST 2004

Song Sam wrote:

>Pantelis Antoniou <panto at> wrote£º
>>Well it works OK until it gets to start init.
>>Then it crashes the way it is supposed to :).
>>Tom I think it's the problem we are talking about.
>>Song please try this...
>Guess what? It WORKED!!! Just one more line make it.
>Could you pls tell us the theory in it if not too
>complicated? :-)
>Well Done!
Oh man Dan will kill me :)

The theory is simple, TLB handling is faulty for 8xx.

This patch fixes it but Dan & Ben think it's just by
coincedence and we should fix it properly.



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