[patch] Minor keyboard problems in 2.6.8

Frank Murphy murphyf+linux-ppc at f-m.fm
Thu Sep 16 05:51:42 EST 2004


  I tried sending this last week, but the old mailing list failed, so I'll 
send it again.

  I discovered a problem a while ago with the ADB conversion of the Windows 
Menu key. This won't affect most users, but it comes up on my iBook (and I 
imagine PowerBooks as well). This is basically the work of Gabriel Paubert 
<paubert at iram.es>, and I've tested this patch with 2.6.8. I imagine it would 
work in 2,4 as well. (It's only a 2-character change.)

  Before the patch, fn+KP_Enter would generate 5b / db (and X mangles the 
keysym to be the same as Page Up).

  After, it generates e0 5d / e0 dd and X recoginizes the Menu keysym 

Let me know if you need any other info.

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