PMU questions

Colin Leroy colin at
Wed Oct 20 17:46:51 EST 2004

On 19 Oct 2004 at 16h10, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

Hi Ben, 

> > > Then, do a full charge, and drain it again completely. 
> > > Do that a few times. 
> > 
> > Without resetting the PMU ?
> Yes

Thanks for your advice, it works a bit. I started with a
max_charge : 597

After the first charge/drain it went up to 
max_charge : 1854

Strangely enough after a second cycle it's now
max_charge : 1573

I can't find a logic in this stuff... Do you think there's a special
reason why Apple uses such a complicated method instead of 
a) charging until voltage stays equals for a few minutes
b) draining until voltage goes under 13.5 volts (or 13, or whatever)

In my uninformed opinion that would work better, wouldn't it?


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