TEST: Sleep suppport for iBook G4 & Aluminium PowerBooks (ATI based)

Sean Neakums sneakums at zork.net
Sun Nov 21 10:25:57 EST 2004

Sean Neakums <sneakums at zork.net> writes:

> Benjamin Herrenschmidt <benh at kernel.crashing.org> writes:
>> Does it still happen if you disable dynamic clocks ?
>> (radeonfb.default_dynclk=-1 on the kernel cmdline and Option
>> "DynamicClocks" "false" in X if you are using X.org). And if you
>> disable accel in X ? (Option "NoAccel" "true")
> I'll try these out.

With radeonfb.default_dynclk=-1 alone (using Debian's XFree86 4.3.0,
so no Option "DynamicClocks" "false"), the corruption is slower to
progress, but seems to be the same as the corruption seen with dynamic
clocks enabled.

With NoAccel alone, I do not yet see any corruption; I would expect to
have seen it by now, going by the previous tests.

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