TEST: Sleep suppport for iBook G4 & Aluminium PowerBooks (ATI based)

Armando Di Cianno fafhrd at gentoo.org
Sun Nov 21 09:08:49 EST 2004

On 2004-11-20 16:47:34 -0500 Sean Neakums <sneakums at zork.net> wrote:
> I tried this on my 15" AlBook (one of the new 1.5GHz ones), applied to
> Debian's 2.6.9.  It suspended and resumed fine (and quickly!), but
> after resume I noticed that images (in Mozilla and the root window)
> would become corrupted if obscured and made visible again, e.g. by
> switching tabs, or by moving between a full and an empty workspace.

Just a note that I tried this with gentoo's 
gentoo-dev-sources-2.6.9-r3 and discovered the exact some symptoms.  
It mainly only seems to have corrupted the X root window, although 
some, but not all, images in a web page in firefox show similar 
distortions.  Currently my system is running XOrg 6.7.0.  I did not 
notice this problem with the first patch for sleep.

__Armando Di Cianno
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