[PATCH 5/7] use correct asm ops

Roman Zippel zippel at linux-m68k.org
Tue May 25 10:29:05 EST 2004

Use the correct assembler instructions, which match __do_in_asm/__do_out_asm.

Index: 2.6/include/asm-ppc/io.h
diff -u 2.6/include/asm-ppc/io.h: 2.6/include/asm-ppc/io.h:1.5
--- 2.6/include/asm-ppc/io.h:	Sun May 23 15:31:13 2004
+++ 2.6/include/asm-ppc/io.h	Mon May 24 13:32:36 2004
@@ -141,10 +141,10 @@
 __do_in_asm(inb, "lbzx")
 __do_out_asm(outb, "stbx")
-__do_in_asm(inw, "lhz%U1%X1")
-__do_in_asm(inl, "lwz%U1%X1")
-__do_out_asm(outw, "sth%U0%X0")
+__do_in_asm(inw, "lhzx")
+__do_in_asm(inl, "lwzx")
+__do_out_asm(outw, "sthx")
 __do_in_asm(inw, "lhbrx")
 __do_in_asm(inl, "lwbrx")

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