SPI Driver for ppc8xx

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I dont have the permission to acess ELDK's CVS from my network. Is there any other alternative to get the source.

Sanjeev R

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> Is the driver for SPI in mpc8xx availbale online. If yes where can i
> get it. I read that the kernel needs to be patched with the microcode

We have a SPI driver for the 8xx in the linux-2.4 module on  our  CVS

> before using the SPI drivers if available.And the option is also

The  need  for  the  uCode  patch  depends  on  your  use  of   other
peripheresls, i. e. if ther eis an overlap in the parameter RAM.

> availbale in the menuconfig. What happens when it is patched?

The parameter RAM gets shifted to avoild the overlaps.

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