BriQ & Linux 2.6

Jamie Heilman jamie at
Sat May 22 09:35:23 EST 2004

Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> I have a few patches for the briq, I didn't push them upstream yet,
> as I'm trying to find a clean way to deal with an issue relative
> to the serial port clock setting.

What is that issue out of curriosity?  I ask because... well I've had
some rather incongruous experinences with serial on the BriQ compared
to what Karsten at Total Impact was telling me I should be having.
Basically, all the kernels they've shipped recently had code that did
some funky stuff to the baud rate.  On my briq that made the serial
port spew total garbage during boot until init hits runlevel 2 and
resets it (debian), then everything is OK again.  After reverting their
changes everything works again.  So I'm afraid I've had to take their
code with a grain of salt.  ISTR they were multiplying something by 4
that I found was better left alone... but I'd have to go back and see
if I could find my old source trees to be sure, last time I looked at
this box was 2 years ago.

> Enclosed is my latest version of that patch (may need some hand-applying
> as it's a couple of monthes old).

Thanks!  I'll play with it.

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