getting linux console on a frame buffer.

Song Sam samlinuxppc at
Thu May 20 00:45:54 EST 2004

Geert Uytterhoeven <geert at> wrote:
> > > If you would modify the serial port driver to send keyboard events
> > > to the input subsystem, it would work, though.

> > I am a little bit interested in this problem for my target USB
> > keyboard didn't work right after an accident.I think I can get
> > serial keyboard input on LCD as David wanted.Could you tell me more
> > details on your idea,like how to modify it in 2.4.18?

> I'm not that familiar with the input subsystem. I suggest to take a
> look how the USB keyboard driver in 2.4 feeds keyboard events to the
> input subsystem.

OK,I will.But my focus was what you suggested,modify a
serial port driver.If this change looks a little bit
easier,I would take this first.Anyway,USB keyboard
driver is a headache for me.

Many thanks!


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