getting linux console on a frame buffer.

David Ho DavidHo at
Wed May 19 00:45:21 EST 2004

Hi all,

I am new to this list.  I interact mostly on the embedded since I am
working mostly on embedded devices.  I definitely need some help that
embedded folks don't normally do!

I have a 240*320 16bpp LCD (framebuffer) attached to a MPC852T that I have
trouble running simple tests like rendering an image directly to the
framebuffer using fbi from Gerd Knorr.  I have already dump rawimage by
catting to the /dev/fb0 device.  I am at a point where I like to understand
the byte ordering and image rendering issues with jpeg and png files.

The problem may be that I don't have a linux console running on the frame
buffer device.  Would anyone know how to get the linux console on the frame
buffer but still receives input from a serial port (I don't have a keyboard
attached to the board.  I have been doing most things from the serial
console and remotely).

Thanks a lot!

David Ho
Nanometrics Inc

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