Protecting shared resources with preemptive kernel

Zajac Adam-AAZ004 Adam.Zajac at
Wed May 12 09:55:59 EST 2004

My group has been working on a custom board based on MPC8540 and running
Linux kernel 2.4.20.
We've written some device drivers and came across an issue of protecting
shared resources within the kernel context that one day may have a
preemption turned on.
We tried to evaluate using spin-lock's for that purpose, but there're some
articles on the web that suggest it is not a safe solution when the kernel
preemption is turned on (potentially the kernel may hang).
I was just wondering if anybody has any experience with protecting shared
resources within a kernel context (e.g. for device drivers) when the
preemption is enabled.
Any suggestions and ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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