Michael Schmitz schmitz at
Mon Mar 29 19:31:37 EST 2004

> > Note that I'm not sure how tightly the problems are tied to swap; after
> > they start, they seem to persist even when swap is no longer used. It's
> > just the best criterion I've been able to identify so far.
> Weird. I just can't reproduce any of your problems, neither on the
> tipb with highmem & lots of RAM, or on the wallstreet with no highmem
> and little RAM (thus swap)...

Same here - 128 MB RAM, 256 MB swap with half of that currently in use
(mostly by mol). Doesn't miss a beat.

> I've been running with preempt for a few days now without trouble.
> What else are you using ? I suspect something like MOL may have troubles
> with preempt for example...

Apparently not (0.9.69-20031019-5 here, haven't got 0.9.70 to behave yet).


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