A doubt in sk_buff

challaharikumar challaharikumar at tataelxsi.co.in
Sat Mar 13 20:29:06 EST 2004


A doubt in sk_buff. I am running the fcc_enet driver provided in the PPC
architecture tree for MPC8260 on ADS board.
Kernel version is 2.4.1. The driver has been modified to be loaded as a
When IFNET provides the sk_buff to transmit I store them up in an array
and at transmit complete I release the sk_buff.

When the module is unloaded, I release all the sk_buffs.
When I release the sk_buff I get the following output. Am I doing
anything wrong here ?

# ifconfig eth1 netmask up
eth1: config: auto-negotiation on, 10FDX, 10HDX.
# ping
Inside fcc_enet_start_xmit... skb: c01e5c60
Inside fcc_enet_start_xmit... skb: c01e5620
Inside fcc_enet_start_xmit... skb: c01e5080
No response from
# lsmod
Module                  Size  Used by
enet                   12512   0  (unused)
# rmmod enet
Warning: kfree_skb passed an skb still on a list (from c208360c).
kernel BUG at skbuff.c:277!
Oops: Exception in kernel mode, sig: 4

Any help will be greatly appreciated,
Thanks in advance ,


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