MPC8272 Fast Ethernet Controller drver

Jaap-Jan Boor jjboor at
Mon Mar 1 23:57:28 EST 2004


I did a 'bk clone bk://' but
can't find a reference to fcc microcode. Is it not in yet?



On Feb 26, 2004, at 9:10 AM, Dan Malek wrote:
> challaharikumar wrote:
>> I want to know about the MPC8272 Fast Ethernet Controller. Is it same
>> as MPC8260??? In what way MPC8272 FCC differs from MPC8260.
> The FCC is the same, the CPM is slightly different.
>> Is there any Ethernet driver available for MPC8272 Fast Ethernet
>> Controller??
> There are some minor patches on the way into the source code, along
> with updates to documentation errors in the manuals. We caught all
> of this while merging the existing 82xx CPM2 with the 85xx CPM2 into
> common code. Take a look at the ADS8272 configuration.
> I don't know where the patches are in the pipeline. I think the
> linuxppc-2.4 in BitKeeper is current.

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