MPC52xx lite5200 support for booting from dBUG

Sylvain Munaut tnt at
Sat Jun 19 20:42:05 EST 2004


I think a file ( arch/ppc/boot/simple/mpc52xx_tty.c ) is missing from
the patch.

    Sylvain Munaut

Dale Farnsworth wrote:

 > This patch allows Sylvain's 2.6 support for the lite5200 to boot
 > from dBUG as well as U-Boot.
 > When the arch/ppc/boot/simple bootwrapper is used, it computes the
 > values that U-boot would have supplied and stores them in __res.
 > That works for all needed fields except __res.bi_baudrate, which
 > can't be determined from the environment.  So, I added
 > CONFIG_SERIAL_MPC52xx_CONSOLE_BAUD to supply the default baud rate.
 >  The value of CONFIG_SERIAL_MPC52xx_CONSOLE_BAUD is ignored if the
 > bootloader (U-boot) supplies the baudrate.
 > -Dale Farnsworth

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