rs/6000 e30 + 240 (doral) support

Leigh Brown leigh at
Fri Jul 30 01:01:22 EST 2004

Christoph Hellwig said:
> On Thu, Jul 29, 2004 at 11:04:48AM -0300, Gustavo Barbieri wrote:
>> > Most doesn't look too bad to me, but it's a lot of patches.  I vaguely
>> > remember they were discussed on linuxppc-dev, so we should check the
>> > comments over there.
>> A lot of patches? Well, there is a lot of "code"... it's not really
>> code, but just structure definitions... actually the patche touches
>> the real code at few points, one it's just a null pointer checking,
>> other are added cases to the switch statement so it can handle those
>> boards, so I really can't a problem there.
>> I already sent an email to linuxppc-dev in the past, but no replies:
> Ah sorry, I confused it with Len's big IBM prep patchkit.  Except for a
> tiny style issue this patch is fine with me.
> Any upstream comments as I'd hate to carry along a patch like that in
> the Debian patchkit while we'd probably want it in Sarge.
> Gustavo, if we apply this patch you'll have to sign up for d-i testing
> on prep, though ;-)

I have a more comprehensive set of patches that remove the need for
ugly hard-coded tables on RS/6000 PReP boxes, that I previously
posted to linuxppc-dev.  I'll freshen them up tonight and post them
again.  They provide generic support for the E20, E30, 140, 240, F30,
and F40 and probably a few other ones that we don't know about, if
we're lucky.  The F40 has problems but all the other work fine.



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