Oops:kernel access of bad areasig:11

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Jul 15 05:41:28 EST 2004

In message <20040714053136.86F102F86F at smtp.263.net> you wrote:
> 1)environment
> Linux kernel 2.4.4-rthal5
> ppcboot 1.1.5
> MPC823 board

Ummm... this is all a bit out of date...

> 2)I'm running a device driver which read data from touchpanel which use SIU_IRQ2, but I often get message like that:
> Oops: kernel access of bad area, sig: 11
> Call backtrace:
>   C000C468 C002B440 C0004DA8

OK - and will you please bother to decode these addresses for us?  We
don't have access to your System.map file ...

> 3) I look through past document in linux-embedded, and I check /arch/ppc/kernel/m8xx_setup.c, it exists:
> fp = binfo->bi_intfreq * 1000000 / 16;
> and /arch/ppc/8xx_io/commproc.c, it exits:
> #define BRG_INT_CLK	(((bd_t *)__res)->bi_intfreq * 1000000 )

OK.  Or:
	brg = (unsigned char) (bd->bi_intfreq/(32*2*60000) -3);

What exactly is your problem with that? Looks  OK  to  me.  Different
purposes, different context, different solutions.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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