[PATCH] fix missing option in binutils version check

Olaf Hering olh at suse.de
Mon Jul 12 19:06:18 EST 2004

 On Thu, Jul 08, Tom Rini wrote:

> OK.  After giving this a whirl (after a NAK from Matt, privately), it looks
> like some versions of binutils don't make proper use of -many (in 2.14 it
> will override ppc_cpu, and PPC_OPCODE_ANY doesn't look to be used).  So
> that brings us to the following patch.  Olaf, can you please verify this
> still works for you?  Paul, is this OK with you?

This is not enough.
as needs -many (or at least -maltivec) unconditionally for binutils 2.15
gcc needs also -maltivec because -mppc seems to disable -maltivec again.

I'm rerunning my script right now, with this patch.

diff -purNX /suse/olh/kernel/kernel_exclude.txt linux-2.6.8-rc1.orig/arch/ppc/Makefile linux-2.6.8-rc1/arch/ppc/Makefile
--- linux-2.6.8-rc1.orig/arch/ppc/Makefile	2004-07-12 08:02:54.000000000 +0200
+++ linux-2.6.8-rc1/arch/ppc/Makefile	2004-07-12 10:48:34.838426125 +0200
@@ -22,8 +22,8 @@ endif

 LDFLAGS_vmlinux	:= -Ttext $(KERNELLOAD) -Bstatic
 CPPFLAGS	+= -Iarch/$(ARCH)
-AFLAGS		+= -Iarch/$(ARCH)
-cflags-y	+= -Iarch/$(ARCH) -msoft-float -pipe \
+AFLAGS		+= -Iarch/$(ARCH) -Wa,-many
+cflags-y	+= -Iarch/$(ARCH) -msoft-float -pipe -Wa,-many,-mppc,-maltivec \
 		-ffixed-r2 -Wno-uninitialized -mmultiple
 CPP		= $(CC) -E $(CFLAGS)

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