A few questions.

Stefan Berndtsson stefan at nocrew.org
Sat Jan 31 21:06:21 EST 2004

First question:

What is the status of m3mirror:ing with an ibook2 (600MHz from 2001)
using a 2.6 kernel? There was some patch sent out a long time ago, but
I couldn't get it to apply in any sensible way.

Second question:

What is the status of sound output on the G5?

Third, and actually most interesting question for me:

I want some sort of video recording hardware for my G5. What should I get?
My demands (or at least strong wishes) are:

1. Works on the G5 with Linux (ppc32 or ppc64 doesn't matter).
2. If PCI, works in the PCI-X slots.
3. Has a tuner (preferable, but if all else works, this can be skipped).
4. Has S-Video input.
5. Can handle full framesize in full framerate.
6. At least handle PAL, although handling NTSC is a plus.
7. Doesn't cost a fortune.

Possible to buy in Sweden is another plus.

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