pmdisk working on ppc (WAS: Help port swsusp to ppc)

Michael Schmitz schmitz at
Wed Jan 28 01:32:26 EST 2004

> > I don't mind the wait for memory being freed. Copying more pages with
> > interrupts disabled would mean a higher chance for PMU lockup, won't it?
> It's also possible that there is a bug and it just crashes :)
> Also, I do suspend devices before the page copy, and I quickly hacked a
> PMU sysdev that should suspend ADB interrupts (at least) so that should
> be fine, except if you have a brightness request in flight maybe ?

I haven't. I've added another pmu_suspend/pmu_resume around the bulk of
pmdisk_save, that seems to have improved things (but not completely). It's
executed outside your sysdev calls, so it shouldn't really improve things.

> The whole PMU suspend thing must be reworked I suppose. (And the battery
> monitoring thing "paused" as well, we must wait for async PMU requests,
> that is at least battery requests and backlight ones to stop)

Battery requests might have been underway; pmud is running. If I read
pmu_suspend() right, pending battery requests should result in pmu_suspend
waiting for them to finish?


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