how to pass kernel command parameters?

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> I have a Brightstar box with an MPC823, booting under 2.4.21 at the
> moment. But at the "Linux/PPC load:" line I have to enter a rather
> long string of parameters (IP numbers etc), I guess due to the boot
> ROM code that's part of this little Brightstar device.
> What is the proper way to automate the passing of these parameters?

Install U-Boot.

> I'm gathering that all ppc kernel boots have this line to stop at,
> but the passing of parameters to it is automated.

This depends a bit on the boot loader you are using, and/or the Linux
kernel wrapper used with it. If you are looking for  convenience  and
powerful  features,  check  out  what  U-Boot can do for you. See for

> Should I be constructing a custom ram disk that contains the info? If
> so, what's a good resource about making ram disks and how to do this?

Documentation/ramdisk.txt in your Linux kernel tree?

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