local_irq_enable() problem...

Etsushi Kato ekato at ees.hokudai.ac.jp
Tue Jan 20 16:34:13 EST 2004


I just started porting Linux 2.6 for nubus powermac.  I've applied most
of 2.4 nubus patch to 2.6.1-rc2, and kernel compiles fine now.  But in
the early booting of kernel, it hangs while doing local_irq_enable()
just after profile_init() in start_kernel() of init/main.c.

How can I debug kernel in this situation?  printk() is working, and
boot messages are shown with serial connection until "Console: colour
dummy device 80x25".
Maybe it is related arch/ppc/kernel/head.S and entry.S ??

Thanks in advance,
Etsushi Kato
ekato at ees.hokudai.ac.jp

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