MPC823E SMC/I2C/SPI micropatch

Jan Damborsky jan.damborsky at
Tue Jan 20 03:20:07 EST 2004


we want to use SCCs and SMCs on our custom board
with MPC823E in following configuration:
Ethernets on SCC2 and SCC3,
UARTs on SMC2 and SMC1. Normally it is not possible,
because SCC3 ethernet parameter RAM overlaps SMC1 one.
I have found Motorola micropatch
for SMC/I2C/SPI relocation only for MPC850 and MPC860
processors. They are slightly different (exactly
these patches differ in one word). I would like
to ask if somebody tries to use one of them
for MPC823E. Or if  another microcode patch exists
especially for MPC823E.

                    Regards, Jan Damborsky

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