temp.c and cputable.c issues

Colin Leroy colin at colino.net
Thu Jan 15 20:38:13 EST 2004

> i've an ibook G4/12". it's branded as PowerMac6,3. It should be
> the lastest model available from apple.
> > You may have an external chipset used to check temperatures and
> > the fan.
> sure. there's an external chipset for temperature and fan control.
> Under Macos X, i've set and get values from it several times...but
> what about linux ?

Well, under 2.6 kernel, you can use the therm_adt7467 module
(CONFIG_THERM_IBOOKG4 configuration option, under Drivers/Macintosh).
It'll create some entries in /sys:
These display the informations you want.

These display the maximum temperatures before fan starts.

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