Linux on IBM 9076 nodes

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Sun Jan 11 00:02:15 EST 2004

On Jan 10, 2004, at 01:37, Anton Blanchard wrote:

> Hi,
>> Our lab has recently acquired a 48-node IBM SP configuration based on
>> 4-way "Winterhawk-II" Power3-2 wide nodes with 8 GB memory. I see on
>> the
>> Linuxppc site (boxes) that Linux is known to work on 9076-SP nodes
>> (ours). How difficult is the port? IBM does not support Linux on the
>> 9076 but does on the newer Power4 pSeries units.
> We've booted linux on winterhawks in the past, there was one weird
> problem where we allocated memory for RTAS too high but that should be
> fixed.
> As pointed out we have no support for the switch unfortunately.
> One of our build machines here is a nighthawk (16 way 9076) and it
> works
> nicely in case anyone has a cluster of these lying around :)

unfortunately, IBM wanted ours back when it was traded in for 6 32way
p690's.... we had 8 16cpu nodes ;-)

> Anton
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