Keyboad blacklight on new powerbook

Isidoro Reyes de Zuloaga isidoro at
Wed Dec 1 08:40:38 EST 2004

Hi folks,
I'm trying to get the blacklight on my new powerbook. I installed pbbuttonsd 
and also powerprefs. The sound and the light of the LCD screen works fine, 
but i can get the blacklight working.
I've doing some research at google and it seems that the new powerbooks (I 
bought it two months ago) are different than the others.
Does anyone know how to enable the keyboard light??? Also, the powerprefs 
(last version), don't let me to change anything about this. I mean, the 
blacklighting part is grey, like i can't edit.
Anyway, i edited the pbbuttonsd.conf (quite simple) but is not working. On the 
macOS works fine.
Any clues?
Thanks in advance.

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