2.6 hoses 2.4 on old-world?

Stefan Jeglinski jeglin at 4pi.com
Sat Aug 21 12:05:24 EST 2004

>Been running a 2.4 kernel on my PowerTowerPro for a long time. Over
>the months I've tried building 2.6.x, and succeeded for the first
>time last night with 2.6.8-rc1.

sorry, that's rc4 I'm using.

>Rebooted to the default 2.4 but I'm hosed: The first part of the boot
>starts, and sometime shortly after I get to the yellow Welcome to
>Yellowdog lettering, then I'm seeing a lot of "/dev/null, read-only
>file system" messages,

The problem is that something overwrote /dev/null as a regular file,
and the errors leading to boot failure were of the type "bad file

I remounted rw, deleted /dev/null, and recreated it. I can now boot
back into 2.4.

Question remains - is there something about 2.6 on old-world systems?
Is is not safe? Unstable? (I still haven't figured out why I lose
video with 2.6).


make menuconfig
(do some config)
make modules_install

I admit to being somewhat confused, this is cleaner but less
informative than the 2.4 build procedure.

BTW depmod give me lots of unresolved symbols, mostly related to sound.

Stefan Jeglinski

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