rsync'ed sources out of date?

Christian Kujau evil at
Fri Apr 30 23:59:27 EST 2004


the issue about different kernel-trees was brought up a few month ago,
but i still fail to understand what the "current" tree might be. i use

~ rsync

and see various version for 2.4 and 2.5 (ok, it's 2.6., but still left
to be renamed, right?)

fetching via rsync gives (today)

rsync       -> 2.4.25
rsync       -> 2.4.26
rsync  -> 2.4.25-ben1
rsync -> 2.4.25
rsync       -> 2.6.5
rsync  -> 2.6.5-rc3-ben0

that leaves only "linuxppc-2.4" and for 2.6 "linuxppc-2.5"
to fetch from in order to get a recent tree, right? they already differ
from a vanilla 2.4.26 or 2.6.5, but the timestamp for "linuxppc-2.5" for
example says "2004-04-15", so it's obviously not a daily -BK snapshot
(descritiption goes "based on Linus' BitKeeper tree").

so where do i get the most current copy of a 2.4/2.6 kernel for ppc?
is it possible at all with "rsync"?
or shall i go with the -BK snapshots on

(i seem to need a current copy of the kernel, as i still fail to compile
a ppc-kernel with KGDB enabled. see for make-logs)

thanks for comments,
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